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Jari Love Instructor

Jari Love is the creator of the critically acclaimed “GET RIPPED!” five-phase fitness workout system, developed in 2003, that is strategically designed to provide variation to each exercise phase and build on early foundational gains. Love is a certified personal fitness trainer with more than 20 years of physical fitness teaching experience, and co-owned a line of full-service fitness clubs. She has appeared in over 25 DVDs and traveled the world to certify trainers in the scientifically proven, Get RIPPED! program. She is the author of “Love and Friends,” a celebrity low-fat cookbook, as well as many fitness articles that have appeared in publications throughout North America. She has regularly appeared on numerous television and radio shows across the United States and Canada sharing her fitness and weight-loss secrets, and had been a multi-year member of the advisory board for Fitness magazine. Most recently, Jari has won the prestigious award of one of Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors of 2021 and 2023 awarded by IMPACT Magazine. Maintaining her health has allowed Love to play an active role in her community. She gives the gift of her time to local programs that aid marginalized persons.

Kevin Pitzel Instructor

With a passion for fitness and a diverse background in numerous sports, Kevin has always embraced an active lifestyle. From his early days of competing and coaching in swimming, water polo, cycling, volleyball, and basketball, to his love for spinning, aerobics, and boot camps, Kevin’s journey in the fitness world has been nothing short of exhilarating. He caught the fitness bug long before becoming a fitness instructor, gaining invaluable experience that shaped his understanding of what makes a great instructor.

Kevin’s dedication led him to earn his first certification in spinning and cycling and his latest in yoga, fueling his desire to not only excel personally but also share his expertise with others. Today, he trains and certifies aerobics instructors, imparting his knowledge and passion to a new generation of fitness enthusiasts. Kevin’s impact extends beyond the gym, as he has created numerous online videos featured in various fitness programs.

When he’s not inspiring others in the fitness realm, Kevin can be found indulging his love for cycling, covering thousands of kilometers each summer and racing alongside his road cycling team. Weekends often find him in the mountains, conquering thrilling hikes and embracing the wonders of nature.

It’s worth mentioning that Kevin’s main occupation lies in the realm of finance, holding multiple degrees in financial forensics. So, if you think you can cheat on your reps, think again!

Rachel Davidson Instructor

Rachel has 40 years of experience in the fitness industry and is guaranteed to provide exceptional instruction to individuals of all fitness levels. She prides herself on creating an enthusiastic and energetic class environment, while providing specific emphasis on safety and proper execution of movements. Rachel instructs classes in formats such as Get RIPPED!, Yoga, Barre, Step, Group Power (Group RX – RIP), Core Conditioning, and Zumba.

Wendy Ashe Instructor

Wendy has been involved in sports and fitness her whole life first as a medal winning competitive figure skater, then as a figure skating coach, and then as a group fitness instructor certified in 1981 by Boogie’s Fitness in North Vancouver B.C. In 1993, Wendy moved to Calgary and has been in the fitness industry here since that time.

Wendy’s certifications and training include: Keizer Cycling, Pilates, Step, High intensity Aerobic training, Bootcamp training, and HIIT training. She is constantly striving to master the programs and disciplines that she teaches, and sharing her passion and knowledge with others is her life’s biggest joy!

When not teaching fitness, Wendy works at WestJet where she is employed as a Customer Service Agent.

Kristi Clark Instructor

Kristi has been teaching Get RIPPED! since 2014 and is a certified Get RIPPED! Instructor, as well as a certified CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist.

She loves teaching every single phase of the Get RIPPED! program – as long as she can put together an awesome playlist to move to, she will guarantee it’s going to be a great class! Kristi loves that no matter your age, experience, or activity level, there is something in every Get RIPPED! class that will make you feel strong, happy, confident, and successful every time.

Kristi loves being a Get RIPPED! Instructor for so many reasons. Most of all, she loves helping people find ways to express themselves through activity and fitness and to become more confident in the body that they are moving through life with.

Fun fact: Kristi has met Snoop Dogg and he is a really nice guy!

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